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Shared spaces

Spoom is so flexible that we have the right rooms to suit every need: phone booths for private telephone conversations, sofa lounges for brief discussions, large and fully equipped meeting rooms for presentations or video conferences and much more besides.

Espresso Lounge

You have really earned that cup of coffee. Take advantage of the large, open-plan Espresso Lounge for talks, brief meetings, networking, small events or your break. With sofas, seating area and a bar, you are sure to feel really at home.

Meeting rooms

There is always something to discuss, which is why our meeting or project rooms are available for every tenant to use. All of our event and conference rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment.

Brainstorming spaces

Use our open brainstorming spaces for a brief power brainstorming session, a quick meeting or simply to chat with colleagues. They are fully equipped with bar tables and screens. All you need to bring along are the ideas.

Phone booths

The modern phone booths are the perfect addition to your workspace, allowing you to make calls in quiet surroundings without being disturbed. After all, your next deal is top secret.

Relaxation spaces

Please do not disturb! You need your peace and quiet. We understand, of course, and will leave you to it. There are numerous little corners and sofa lounges available in Spoom. What you choose to do there is completely up to you.

Lease. Sit down. Work.


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